Welcome Sanford Health Employees!

Thank you for being a valuable Sanford Health employee and Verizon Wireless customer. As a benefit of being a Sanford Health employee, we would like to offer you these benefits when visiting any participating location:
When upgrading or activating new lines of service, Sanford Health employees receive:
  • 22% monthly access discount *
  • $35 off any tablet (with a 2 yr agreement)
  • 2 free accessories for the first line ($29.99 or less)
  • 1 free accessory for each additional line ($29.99 or less)
  • 35% off accessories at any other time ($75.00 or less)

For questions regarding the renewal of your

Verizon Discount call 1-800-890-8007

If you have any questions please Contact Us, and we would be more than happy to help!

* Qualification for the maximum discount (19% + 3%) is contingent on enrollment in My Verizon and paperless billing.
* Nationwide Plans - Monthly access discount applies to lines $39.99 per month or higher. Excludes mobile broadband and unlimited plans.
* More Everything Plans - Discount applies to Monthly Account Access (Shared Data) charges. Excludes Monthly Line Access.